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Parenting · Anonymous

Parenting is Hard, Finding Support Shouldn't Be.

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I'm still trying to figure out how to let people post entries anonymously. I'm beginning to wonder if it's even possible. If it's not I'll figure some other way of letting anyone post vents, etc. One way or another it will happen.

For now, feel free to leave the venting in the comments section of any post and I will check them to filter for trolling, SPAM, etc.

Sorry for the early kinks in the system. I suppose that's how it goes. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome, either as a message or a comment.

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*Everyone is welcome here, there is no need to join unless you feel so inclined.

*Unless there is a need to make an occasional Mod Post (like this introductory one), all posting and commenting is to be done anonymously.

*All posts will be moderated, however. The only purpose for this is to reduce SPAM and posts which intentionally Bully others.

Be forewarned. This is a free speech zone, however, this is not a hate speech zone.

*Having a difference of opinion does not fall under this category, no matter how controversial the topic. However, comments which bully, incite to violence, threaten, invade the privacy of others, violate HIPAA, include pornographic depictions of minors, violate the Terms of Service of LiveJournal.com, SPAM and pretty much anything that pops up on my radar as being completely inappropriate, will be deleted.

    -If you have any questions as to why your comment was deleted, feel free to send me a message and I will gladly explain       the reason as to why it was deemed inappropriate. If there is a comment that you feel is abusive or inappropriate, feel free to message me and I will assess it as soon as physically possible. 

     -I hope, perhaps naively, that most everyone will use their own good judgement when commenting. 

*Posts will be published at the discretion of the moderator. If you have any questions as to why your post was not published, send me a message. I will gladly explain what aspect of the post was inappropriate. 

My hope for this community is for parents of all family types, sizes, beliefs, backgrounds and styles to be able to have a place to vent, ask questions, tell stories, and perhaps, find support without the need to reveal their identities or fear reprisal.

My hope is that even if you don't share or even understand the beliefs, parenting styles or backgrounds of others here, you will be able to at least empathize with the fact that most parents are doing their best, even when they are at their worst. There's no need to posture here, as everyone is anonymous and there's no way for anyone to think either better or worse of you.

My hope is that if you really have nothing but ridicule to offer, scroll past the entry and move on to something else.   

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